It appears that the Universe Survival Arc is not the final arc of “Dragon Ball Super.” Several theories making rounds online about the arc being the last one for the phenomenal anime series has been proven otherwise. With things getting more exciting by every episode, another arc will surely delight fans.

Uub in the series

In episode 86 of “Dragon Ball Super,” it can be recalled that Goku paid a visit to Dende to ask for his help in locating Android 17. In their conversation, the Namekian asked him to check on the kid who has an exceptional talent in Martial Arts.


Goku said that he would check on the kid soon upon learning that he was just a kid and could not get him to fight with him in the Tournament of Power.

The character has been mentioned in the series several times. The boy hailed from a poor community who participated in various martial arts event to win the prize. According to Dende, the boy is the reincarnation of the evil Majin Buu. However, several theorists claim that when the villain was killed, his DNA structures were dispersed and were transferred to another being.

Obviously, the name alone is the greatest clue that somehow, the two characters are related.

It can be recalled that in the Universe 6 Saga, Goku told Krillin and Vegeta that he had made a wish that Kid Buu will be reincarnated into a good human being so he can fight him again someday. King Yemma heard that wish, and he reincarnates Buu into Uub.

Power and techniques

The young boy is believed to be one of the strongest human fighters in “Dragon Ball.” He has an enormous amount of power concealed from within, and like Saiyans, it only erupts in anger.


Dende described him as a great martial artist. At the end of the Z series, the young boys showed that he is capable of holding the fight against Goku, in fact, he was able to be at par with the Saiyan’s base form during the time when he was just learning how to fight.

Among his favorite techniques includes the Ki Cannon, which is an ideal use of Ki through blowing his mouth that can lift the stones in the arena. Also, he also has the Angry Shout technique, which is a powerful Kai scream he has inherited from Kid Buu.

He also has the signature move of Majin Buu called the Chocolate Beam, which can transform anything it hits into whatever the user pleases.

It is not yet confirmed that fans will see more of this character in the Universe Survival Arc of the “Dragon Ball Super.” The latest theory is that the young boy is connected to the recently introduced female Super Saiyan.