Episode 90 spoilers

On May 14, episode 90 of "Dragon Ball Super," titled, "Break through the walls Goku X Gohan." It is possible that in this particular article, Gohan has broken through and surpassed his limits.

In episode 88 of "Dragon Ball Super," it was previously revealed that Gohan will visit his mentor and friend Piccolo. Since the Namekian fighter knows the Saiyan and trained him when he was very young, it is only apt to say that he knows how to bring the best out of the Saiyan warrior. Piccolo knows how to motivate him and bring our his power through his rage.

With the recent hype about Gohan returning as a fighter and not as a scholar, fans are looking forward to the fact that in the Universe Survival Arc of "Dragon Ball Super," he will be one of the strongest fighters.


It is possible that the Saiyan warrior will ascend to a higher level like Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan Rage. However, the most feasible is that the warrior will achieve his Mystic form. Piccolo knows the potential of Gohan, and it is expected that he will whip the Saiyan warrior into shape.

Saiyan X form

Aside from the young Saiyan Warrior, Goku was also mentioned in the title. The X would definitely stand for a fight between the father and son. It will most likely fall into a sparring match where they will test each other's strength. The X could also symbolize the Saiyan X form both have achieved, as previously speculated. There was once a fan theory about the Saiyan X as the ultimate form Goku will achieve.

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However, based on the title of the episode, and linking it with the theory, it appears that it is not only limited to Goku. The theory also connects the opening song's title, which is titled, "Limit Break X Survivor" to be refering to the Universe 7 fighter(s) achieving such form.

Gohan in the spotlight

With tough training ahead with Piccolo, it seems that Akira Toriyama is switching the spotlight to Gohan. There were initial signs in the earlier encounters in the Tournament of Power that his character was being hyped up. However, for now, it is too early to conclude given the plot twists in each episode of "Dragon Ball Super."