The "Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 preview has been released, with the official title: "A Mysterious Beauty Appears! Mystery of the Tenshin-Style Dojo?!"

Episode preview

The recently released episode 89 preview revealed Tenshihan resolving a situation that involves a supernatural phenomenon in his dojo. Tien is a character from the Z series and Goku's longtime ally. Over the years, as it was revealed in the preview, the triclops fighter has been occupied teaching martial arts in his dojo, and has achieved success.

It was also shown in the preview that Tien is facing a problem in his dojo when the team leader of Universe 7 arrives. It appears that the people in the dojo including Tenshinhan's students and Master Roshi are possessed.


In the video, a girl appears to be behind all the trouble.

The preview also revealed that the possession made Master Roshi stronger and tremendously boosted his power. There was a scene in which Goku and his old mentor were fighting against each other intensely. In addition, there is also a scene where Tien was shown spreading his bulging shoulders, which appears to be an act of supporting the walls of his dojo.

The mysterious girl

The girl who looks like Chi-Chi is one great mystery for now in "Dragon Ball Super." Her name was revealed in the previous spoilers to be Yurin. The girl has been the subject of speculation over the course of the past few weeks. There are several fans claiming that Yurin could be Launch or Lunch in the Manga version.

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According to the theory, it is possible that she is just disguised as someone else in order to stalk Tenshinhan. it can be recalled that in the Z series, her character was introduced as a strong girl with a dual personality. She is also romantically attracted to Tien and could possibly be chasing after him and pretending to be someone else in order to get closer.

Another theory is that Yurin is another Saiyan, who will pose a threat to the Z fighters. It is also possible that she is a new character being introduced in the series. But, until episode 89 is shown, fans won't know for sure.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 will air on May 7.