"Dragon Ball Super" episode 87-89 spoilers are released after episode 86 featured the sparring of Goku and Android 17. While others loved the episode as the two showcased their talents, others are saying that they are already tired of the fillers and would like to see the battle royale in the Tournament of Power.

To recall, Android 17 refused to join the Tournament of Power even if Goku told him that Universe 7 would be erased. Unlike Android 18, No. 17 wasn't encouraged to participate when Goku said that there is a prize money. It appears that 17 has made up his mind, but spoilers of episode 87 reveal that 17 will eventually agree to help.

Goku gets a yes from Android 17

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 87 titled "Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No.17 Joint Battle!" will feature Goku helping Android 17 face some poachers who are after the endangered Minotaurus.


Apparently, the next episode which is set to air on April 23, is a continuation of April 16's episode.

Fans are also looking forward to meeting the wife and children of Android 17. It can be recalled that 17 showed Goku, a photo of his family on his phone. But the viewers didn't get a glimpse of it. Will episode 87 introduce Android 17's family?

Piccolo trains Gohan

While Goku went to 17, Gohan is on his way to see Piccolo. In chapter 85, the arrival of Gohan is Piccolo's place was featured. It appears that Piccolo already knows about the Tournament of Power.

Episode 88 is titled "Gohan and Piccolo, The Master and the Disciples Intense Training to the Limit" will train Gohan to prepare him for the battle royal.

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Although Gohan is already robust and powerful, he still needs training from his master to improve and get a better chance of winning the upcoming tournament.

A mysterious girl arrives

One thing that fans are looking forward to is episode 89 which is titled "A Mysterious Beauty Appears! The mystery of the Tenshin-Style Dojo?" As Goku invites Tien to the tournament, a girl named Yurin arrives in Tien's dojo.

Many speculations emerged about the mysterious, beautiful girl. Some are saying that she is the girl who can turn into a Super Saiyan. It is noted that a female Broly was featured in the preview trailer for the Universe Survival arc. Is Yurin indeed the female Saiyan?

There are also theories saying that Yurin is Launch in disguise.


The launch is the girlfriend of Tien who has two personalities wherein her blue-haired version is kind and friendly while the blonde-haired personality commits crimes and is always angry.

Fans are anticipating to see this girl named Yurin. Apart from the two theories, it is also possible that Yurin is a new character of "Dragon Ball Super."