The much-awaited meeting of the well-loved Saiyan and the strongest Android finally happened in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 86. This week the team leader of the universe 7 is still on his way filling the lineup of fighters for the upcoming battle royale. As Goku meets Android 17 for the first time, fans were given a glimpse of what one of Dr.Gero’s creations has been up to.

Conversation with Dende

The leader of universe 7, at the start of the episode consults Dende about Android 17, which in turn told him that the latter is no longer evil and no longer desires to kill him.


In addition, he told the Saiyan that the android is currently in a wildlife sanctuary island with a wife and kids.

In addition, Dende also told the Saiyan about a village boy that he should meet and train. The Namekian was referring to the young Uub who was the reincarnation of the villain Majin Buu. The Saiyan promised to see him soon but was rather disappointed knowing that the powerful boy was just a kid who cannot yet fight in the tournament.

The life of 17

Flying into the island, Goku saw that the android was already in action fighting against numerous poachers hunting for the animals on the island.

The Saiyan introduced himself and the android quipped that he recognized his voice. The park ranger follows a no-kill policy now and that applies to everyone including hunters and poachers.

The island was infested by numerous poachers because they are hunting the Minotaurus, which carry horns that bring in a lot of money when sold. The creature is near extinction so as the park ranger of the island, he does his part well in protecting the wildlife inhabiting the place.

The Saiyan, on meeting the android for the first time, wanted to spar to check on his strength and powers up to his SS form.


The fight between the two strong fighters appears to be even. There were some points where 17 landed a few punches against the Saiyan several times.

The leader of universe 7 said he was holding back and powers up into SSB firing a Kamehameha wave. The android deflects it with a force field. The park ranger decided then to end the fight as they might destroy the entire island should they continue.

In episode 86 of “Dragon Ball Super,” the two fighters then talked and 17 was really appreciative of him being resurrected through the Dragon Balls.

He told Goku that he now has a wife and kid of his own and two more adopted kids. He then showed them on his smartphone.

The Saiyan then talked about the Tournament of Power, however, the android refused to participate. The Saiyan insisted that it would last for only two hours, however, the park ranger insisted on not leaving the island unattended, even with the leader offering him the assistance of Goten and Trunks.

As his last recourse, he told the android what is at stake, however, 17 still turned down the invitation.


The episode concluded with galactic poachers invading the Earth to hunt for the Minotaurus.