In episode 84 of “Dragon Ball Super,” we have seen how Krillin has improved his fighting skill when he beat Gohan in their sparring session. We learned that Android 18 was convinced to join the tournament because of the 10 million zeni prize. From the same episode, we got a little clue about Android 17 and his current career.

Episode 84 was a slight diversion with still a touch of action from the main characters. The upcoming Episode 85 will be another set of a whole new epic series for the phenomenal anime. The preview revealed that we would see the slimmer Buu, Piccolo and the Gods of Destruction plotting a scheme against Goku and Universe 7.

Slim Majin Buu

From the recently revealed preview, we have learned that Majin Buu subjected himself into a very rigorous training for the upcoming tournament. He trained so hard that he lost some weight. Apparently, slimmed down Majin Buu would be most likely a little change in Fat Buu’s physique but not like Super Buu. We will see him have some round of friendly sparring with Goku as probably part of their training for the battle royale.


It was also revealed in the preview that Gohan would visit Piccolo to ask him to fight with them in the tournament of power. Gohan will most likely reveal to Piccolo the prize at stake for the battle royale. We will also see them train together by testing each other’s skills and strength through fighting in episode 85.

Gohan’s new aura

In the trailer of “Dragon Ball Super” where the soundtrack Limit X was played in the background, there is a part where Gohan was seen concentrating and a purple-like energy is coming out of his figure.

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There are several speculations that the young hero is in the process of developing a new technique or has discovered reaching a new level of transformation.

Also, it is worth noting how Akira Toriyama wanted initially to make Goku’s first born the main protagonist in the phenomenal anime series.It is possible that he will be given a spotlight in the Universe Survival Arc. It is also noticeable how his father is counting on him and looking up to him in the upcoming battle. Will the younger Saiyan exceed his limit in this arc? Is he the one being referred to as the limit x breaker? We will only know this as the story progresses in "Dragon Ball Super."