The preview of episode 85 of “Dragon Ball Super” showed us a first glance of the strongest warrior of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. Jiren, the Gray will be introduced in the next episode of the series in a very mysterious way, meditating in the void itself, and waiting for the Tournament of Power’s beginning.

At first sight there is nothing too impressive about this still unknown character, since we can only see him meditating in the dark, but there is something we cannot overlook… the strange energy that surrounds his body.

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The first impression is that this energy is similar to the one seen around Toppo’s body at the beginning of his battle against Goku, although later the leader of the Pride Troopers expelled his energy in an aggressive but unfluctuating way, something that goes against what we know as divine ki.

As we further observe this first introduction of the mighty Jiren, we can sense a state of pure serenity of mind, and an energy that flows around and through his body with complete synchronization with his thoughts. This image undoubtedly leads to the following question:

Does Jiren have the Ki of the Gods?

Implying that Jiren is a God would be a mistake since the only deities known are the Supreme Kai, the Gods of destruction, the Angels and, of course, Zeno-Sama himself. Even though Goku, Vegeta, Toppo, Golden Frieza (and some other warriors) are beings that reached a superlative power level that may be considered somewhat god-like, they are still mortal beings that did not reach the rank of a proper deity. Goku and Vegeta may have reached a certain state of divinity through their Super Saiyan Blue transformation, but that doesn’t mean they are Gods in the fullness of the terminology.

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On this subject, let’s recall that Golden Frieza does have an impressive power level that equals that of Goku’s in the Super Saiyan Blue stage, but he doesn’t have a divine Ki either, and surely something similar happens with Jiren. His power certainly must be immense and probably equal to that of a God of destruction, but his energy is not the same, and even though his power may be of such dimensions that he does not have a transformation that allows him to reach a near-divine state like Goku and Vegeta.

Regardless of all these facts, the truth is that Jiren’s power is surely higher than the two Saiyans, since there is no need to have a divine ki to be powerful.

What does all of this mean?

In conclusion, we doubt that Jiren dominates a ki similar to that of the Gods, but this is no reason to believe that he can’t be stronger than Goku or Vegeta. Let’s remember that, according to Toppo’s words, he is the strongest warrior of the Pride Troopers and of the entire Universe 11. His power level is higher than Toppo’s (who managed to fight on equal conditions against Goku) and his ki synergizes with his state of serenity in a similar way that Krillin’s state of “no ego" does.