The information on the next chapters of 'Dragon Ball Super' does not stop coming and only a few moments ago unpublished details revealed extremely interesting information about the next chapters of the series. The disclosed information corresponds to episodes 86, 87, 88 and 89, completing the information of all the programming of the month of April and early May. Here are the synopses and titles revealed.

New information

Episode title 86: "Fighting for the first time Goku vs Android 17!"

Synopsis: While Goku and the others rush to form the team of the seventh universe, The gods of destruction conspire against the universe 7 wanting to destroy lives in the home of Saiyajin, that is to say, the seventh universe.

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Far from imagining what is happening, Goku tries to recruit to Number 17.

Summary: Very rushed due to the shortage of time, Goku goes in search of the android 17 who works in a reserve full of animals.

There Goku fights against him to evaluate his power and resistance and decides to recruit it but it refuses.

Episode Title 87: "Catching Poachers! The union of Goku and number 17 "

Synopsis: Number 17 rejects the invitation of Goku who wanted to recruit him for the Power Tournament. While Goku tries to convince him both feel an approaching presence. The sky darkens, and when they look up, they see a spaceship descending.

Summary: 17 faces hunters to save animals. Desperate to be able to recruit him, Goku joins the fight helping him. While the droid rejected Goku's proposal, it finally agrees to participate in the tournament as a sign of gratitude to Goku for helping it. Meanwhile, Gohan visits Piccolo.

Chapters 88 and 89

Title of chapter 88: "Gohan and Piccolo. Teacher and student in an intense training to overcome limits.

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Synopsis: While Goku tries to recruit 17, Gohan visits Piccolo, Who promised Goku he would train Gohan and help him overcome all his limits for the Tournament.

Chapter Title 89: "A Mysterious Beauty Appears: Mystery in the Tenshinhan Dojo".

Synopsis: When Goku goes to visit Master Roshi, Oolong tells him that he is in the open dock of Tenshinhan. Meanwhile, a beautiful and mysterious woman named Yurin visits the open dock of Tenshinhan. These have been the titles,

The above are the titles, synopses, and summaries of the next episodes that will cover the month of April and the beginning of May. Undoubtedly, the information is extremely relevant and the upcoming episodes will be momentous to evaluate the chances of victory in the Tournament of Power.