The last ending of the series reveals that Bulma may be feeling nostalgic since she realized that the universe may be destroyed. At first glance we can appreciate Bulma’s feelings of concern and sadness, and her wish to see her young daughter grow up.

Ending 8 and its direct relationship to the Tournament of Power

As the new ending of “Dragon Ball Super” shows, Bulma sees Goten and Trunks enjoying some happy moments, and she expresses her wishes to see those times last forever. The ending also shows us a battle combination between Gohan, Vegeta and Goku. We can also appreciate Gohan protecting Piccolo, and that Master Roshi will use the Ma-fuu-ba to defeat several enemies.

Tienshin Han and Krillin will aid Master Roshi in the tournament, assembling a team of very intelligent and skillful warriors, and we are confident that they will defeat many rivals. We can also see Android 17 and 18 teaming up like the old days in which they were villains, creating a formidable team of warriors with powerful and dreadful skills. Also we believe that Majin Buu’s technique of transforming people into chocolate may be very useful.

At the end of the ending 8 we can see Vegeta transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, and we can feel that Bulma is confident that her husband and friends will end up victorious in the Tournament of Power. Kyabe and Hit are friends of Vegeta and Goku, and will surely want to fight against them in the final stages of the tournament.

Who will be defeated in the great tournament?

What is certain is that the Tournament of Power can only be won by those warriors that help each other, working as a true, dynamic team.

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There will be a total of 8 teams and there can only be one winner -- everyone else will be destroyed by Zeno-Sama. It is rumored that Jiren will defeat Hit, but at the same time, we expect the legendary assassin to deal with Toppo.

Despite the fact that Majin Buu has trained and become thin, it would seem that he will gain weight once again after facing Goku. Dende and Hercule will watch the battle between them in episode 85.