Chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super has already been released in Japan and subsequently has been seen by fans of the franchise throughout the world. Far from being an epic episode, it was very interesting at the level of arguments and showed us a little more closely the relationship of the Kaioshins, the patrol of pride in action and the new physical state of Buu. Next we will do a little review for the most interesting moments of the same episode.

Episode recap

In the first instance, we could see the notoriously physical change of majin buu. Throughout last week we were speculating and looking for reasons for the physical change that this showed us, but never reached a final and definitive conclusion, since the universe of possibilities was quite broad.

However, the final conclusion was the simplest and is that Buu lost weight since he stylized his body only thanks to the training. Besides that, the appearance of Majin Buu in this episode served to make it clear that the most complicated of the warriors so far is Goku, who showed many failures at the time of a strategic fight both with Krillin and against the pink monster.

Another very interesting part of the episode was the meeting of the Kaioshins. We must mention that Kai, the Kaioshin of the eleventh universe is highly respected by others. However, beyond respect, the meeting was what we expected, since none of the Kaioshins agreed, in the end; they ended up arguing and abandoning communication. On the other hand, the Hakaishins did their thing although without Bills since they plot something against the universe 7 and Goku.

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Although Vados spoke in favor of the Saiyan, the destroyers are not very happy with the attitudes of the human of the seventh universe.

Patrol of Pride

Another of the most important scenes was the revelation of the other members of the patrol of pride. The names of these are Dyspo (The warrior who looks like Bills) and Kasheral, who is the general of the Pride Trooper. We were also shown Jiren meditating. As for the Broly woman, has been a great mystery in this episode and is that Champa tells Kyabe to bring with him more Saiyans. This leaves us the doubt on whether the woman Broly will be of universe 6 or 11, although everything indicates that it would be of the universe of Champa.

Finally, we cannot forget the final encounter between Gohan and Picollo. Namek's super warrior will train Gohan again in a training that promises to revitalize and to exploit to the maximum the power of Gohan, taking it to unsuspected limits.