Undoubtedly, the new power tournament of the series "Dragon Ball Super" continues to generate great expectations from the fans with the new and interesting fights that are emerging. Recently, we have been witnessed striking battles between the most powerful warriors of all universes, however, the most interesting moments of this tournament are yet to come. A few moments ago, the magazine (The Shonen Jump) revealed new, interesting details related to upcoming fights in this important event, emphasizing the next fight to the death of two of the most powerful and important warriors in all "Dragon Ball" (Goku and Majin Buu). According to the information leaked, the last one will reach a new and powerful transformation to face the acclaimed and beloved Z warrior.

Next, we share with you the last details of this interesting fight and what will happen in the next episodes of this Japanese series. Let's see.

The plot

Things are getting pretty complicated for Goku in the new tournament of power of “Dragon Ball Super” because nobody in their right mind would be happy to participate in a tournament where the punishment for losing will be destruction. Fortunately, he has powerful friends who will help him solve the problem, but the quest to choose the best fighters continues.

Majin Buu's new transformation to face Goku

Majin Buu is one of the chosen ones to defend the universe, and to demonstrate his power he will face Goku with a new, powerful, and fearsome transformation. Many will say that this transformation already appeared, however, it is worth noting that in "Dragon Ball Z" we saw the evil version of this warrior, not this current one.

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What remains to be seen is whether it is a simple aesthetic change or if it implies an increase of power.

Additional information

This Majin Buu is more powerful and above all, much faster. He continues to count on his innocent charisma. Undoubtedly, Buu is going to give us fun and exciting surprises in the fight. We are a little worried about his clumsiness, because he could end up violating some of the rules of the tournament, such as flying or killing an opponent.