Rapisu, better known as the Android Number 17, returned to the series after many years without appearing. His return and his encounter with Goku was one of the most anticipated things coming from this new saga. At first "Dragon Ball Super" was "hard" to watch because it felt really slow, and the conflict was resolved in just three episodes. That ended up getting better with episode 86, as a fan favorite returned.

Return of a beloved foe

Android 17 is loved by fans for many reasons, and with the look he has on "Super," everyone has been talking about the incredible growth in power that this character has had. What should also be highlighted, though, is his change in personality. The Android proved to be someone completely different from what we saw in the Cell saga.


Warning: what you will read below could be considered a spoiler.

Goku battles Rapisu to test him before the tournament. Again, we see how he goes rapidly to SS Blue and Rapisu matches that force, just from training by himself. Even though many fans loved this, plotwise it doesn't make sense at all.

Goku maintains a conversation with A17, and tells him that thanks to his revival he got to know a woman with whom he formed a family and had a son, and that he also adopted two others.

Uub and the android related?

There has been some speculation among fans that one of the adopted children he has could be Uub, and thanks to being trained by him this could end up increasing his power, but there are some who doubt this.

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Since Uub comes from a family of scarce resources, 17 claims to have enough money when he rejects the million that Goku offers him. Also, if A17 was training with him, Dende wouldn't have asked Goku to train Uub, so the theory is very unlikely, although anything can happen with this anime.

At the end of the episode Goku tells A17 about the tournament and he refuses to participate because he does not want to leave the island alone. Goku offers to send Trunks and Goten to take care of it, but the Android still refuses. Will he participate in the survival tournament?