Nick Viall is “The Bachelor” that is on a continuing journey to find love after several previous failed attempts. During this season of the show, Nick has gone from 30 prospective women down to three which soon will be two after the fantasy suites. The Women that have been rejected by the "Bachelor" will meet again to speak out on “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” with host Chris Harrison

Secrets to tell after the fantasy suites

Last week’s show left us all hanging in the middle of the fantasy suite date with Raven when she expressed on live TV that she never experienced sexual pleasure.

The next showing of “The Bachelor” covers the fantasy suites with Vanessa and Rachel. The finale airing on Monday, March 13th will come down to Vanessa and Raven for the final rose since Rachel will be sent home after the fantasy suite dates. The word is this beautiful young lady will be the next Bachelorette.

"The Women Tell All” creates sparks among the rejected gals

Corrine Olympios was floored when she was sent home by Bachelor Nick Viall because she thought all her promiscuous behavior had him hooked. She was known as the house villain and is said to half-heartedly apologize for her actions to her “haters” as she puts it.

Jasmine confronts Taylor regarding her attitude in the house and Corrine also proceeds to address issues with Taylor.

Kristina Schulman who was sent home in the Bahamas after a one-on-one feels that putting herself out there made her more open to love and has no regrets as well as Alexis Waters who made her appearance in a shark costume. Rachel felt emotional after being rejected on “The Bachelor” but feels it's closing a door and was very therapeutic for her.

On “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All,” other gals express their feelings like Liz after she was sent home and Kristina who was blindsided by Nick. The Bachelor already had his mind made up early on due to strong connections he had with some of the women, namely Vanessa and Raven. Now we have to wait and see who the Waukesha native chooses to propose to and hand out the final rose.