“One Piece” chapter 859 turned out different from what the fans have been expecting. The recently released Manga scans revealed that the chapter would focus on the Yonkou Assassination Plot or the alliance’s plot to take down Big Mom.

Capone Bege’s master plan

Bege started "One Piece" chapter 859 by boasting about his ability to kill Big Mom in five seconds given certain conditions. The leader revealed that his plan involved the cooperation of Caesar Clown. He suggested that they would use a KX Launcher to execute their plan. For his plot to work, no one must prevent him from firing the weapon. Aside from that, they should make sure that their target’s body is already weakened.

The KX Launcher

The weapon that the alliance will use as suggested by the head of the Fire Tank Pirates is the KX launcher -- a powerful weapon that resembles an RPG arsenal.


The bullet, which was created by Caesar, is loaded with 5 grams of organophosphate toxin. A single bullet from this weapon is more than sufficient to kill its target. Just 0.6 milligram of organophosphate can kill a human being. The poison is from VX nerve gas, which is the deadliest nerve agent.

Mother Caramel photo incident

Rook Capone’s plan of using the launcher is agreed upon by both groups, however, several issues were raised, including Charlotte’s iron-like skin. Everyone seemed to agree that the lady boss is undefeated and barely gets a scratch in any fight. Then they remember the Mother Caramel incident. According to the story, it was the only time that they saw Yonkou tremble, go down on her knees, and bleed.

Top Videos of the Day

There was one incident where the picture of Mother Caramel was dropped in front of her. Her face then turned blue and she cried, giving out a piercing alien sound. Some of the workers, upon hearing her, started collapsing one after the other.

Straw Hat Pirates’ role

Bege assigned Luffy and his crew to create a distraction and to save Sanji. Since they have already discovered Pudding’s plan of killing Sanji during the wedding ceremony, Sanji suggested that the sound of a gunshot would be the signal of their attack. The Straw Hat Pirates will only have at most, 10 seconds to execute their role in the plot.

Fire Tank Pirates' role

Bege’s grand plan of assassinating Big Mom in "One Piece" chapter 859 will start by splitting Mother Caramel’s picture in front of her.


The team will have earplugs ready by then in anticipation of her piercing cry. The leader of the Fire Tank Pirates will then fire the KX launcher targeting her. The two groups will then escape using Caesar’s mirror. Their alliance will end when each team reaches their respective ships.