On March 22, Netflix quietly released their trailer for their heavily-anticipated remake of “Death Note.” While anime adaptations are slowly becoming more commonplace in mainstream American film with the upcoming release of "Ghost in the Shell," TV and film (and adaptation) juggernaut Netflix is wasting no time in keeping up with the competition.

Story of 'Death Note'

"Death Note" follows the story of high school student Light Yagami, renamed Light Turner for the Netflix adaptation. As a high school student, Light stumbles upon a mysterious notebook claiming that any human whose name is written inside will die. With the company of death god Ryuk, Light begins a crusade to purify the world of evil which quickly takes a turn down a dark, downward, psychological spiral.

Originally written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, "Death Note" was originally published in Japan and ran from December 2003 to May 2006, totaling 108 chapters. The manga (comic) was adapted into an anime, airing in Japan from October 2006 through June of 2007, and both media were later licensed by Vis Media for North American translation. Fans will recall the unprecedented popularity of the series, inspiring novels and several Japanese movie adaptations. In 2015, a Japanese TV drama adaptation aired.

Shall we begin?

"Death Note" and its US adaptation history goes back nearly a decade. In 2009, it was reported in Variety that Warner Bros. had acquired the rights, and in 2011, Shane Black ("Iron Man 3") was announced as director for a script penned by Charley and Vlad Parlapanides, with rewrites by Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry.

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The adaptation languished in development hell, though Black confirmed in 2013 that production was still underway. After going through several production and staff changes, Netflix acquired the rights in 2016.

"Death Note" will be available for streaming on August 25th, as announced per the trailer. The film stars Nat Wolff as Light and Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, the death god who assists Light through his descent into murder. Adam Wingard took on directorial duties from a script penned by Jeremy Slater.