It seems Nathan Griffith can't stay out of trouble, as he once again angered the public. The "Teen Mom 2" dad—and ex-boyfriend of Jenelle Evans—posted a Snapchat photo while at a Gold's Gym in North Carolina that had some crying foul. In the image, Nathan body shames a trainer who was mid-workout with a client. It's no surprise the father of two is receiving such a negative response as he captioned the photo: "When the trainer is fat (sic) than her client with no muscles!"

Twitter users react to Nathan's post

As one can imagine, his followers were not happy to see him publicly shaming the personal trainer.

People took to Twitter to alert Gold's Gym to the image as they demanded Nathan face some sort of consequence for his bullying.

Twitter users encouraged others to tag the gym and even MTV in the post to let them know about Nathan's mean-spirited photo."Everyone tweet @GoldsGym & let them know about Nathan Griffith taking pics & body shaming their employee on SC to his 100k+ followers."

People argued over whether or not Griffith was in the wrong in taking the photo as some stated the action didn't negatively affect his kids. However, other Twitter commenters were quick to point out (in a sarcastic way) that his photo did negatively affect an innocent person. "Oh, ok.

So Nathan can humiliate any innocent person he wants, just as long as it's not his kid."

Gold's Gym reacts to the photo

As more and more people tweeted about Nathan's body shaming Snapchat, Gold's Gym finally stepped in to say it was investigating the situation, according to InTouch Weekly.

"Thanks for sharing your concerns. We are investigating internally with the management of this franchise location."

But the gym didn't stop there, as the company later added Nathan's membership had been canceled. "We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior at Gold’s Gym. This person’s membership has been terminated."

Nathan becomes defensive

However, Griffith has yet to apologize for the photo that made so many headlines as he continues to defend his behavior on social media.

The 29-year-old posted a screenshot from an article about his gym photo, as he called people hypocrites.

It seems Nathan feels justified in shaming the gym employee since he is constantly the subject of judgement from "Teen Mom 2" viewers. However, Twitter users once again stepped in to correct Griffith's line of thinking: "Difference between you and those women? YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS."