Do fake boobs make Mama June look hot? That depends on who you ask. Daughters "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson and "Pumpkin" Lauryn Shannon were creeped out by mom's toy breast implants. But a guy at an ice cream parlor loved her boob job. When the dude found June was just trying them on for size, his ardor froze quicker than Sno-Cone in Siberia. This is just one problem facing Mama June as she goes "From Not to Hot" after weight loss and plastic surgery.

Mama June gives girls fake boobs to play with

Honey Boo Boo and her sister have been supportive of June since she underwent bariatric surgery.

After initial fears, Alana agreed that gastric bypass surgery might be a way to help her mother lose weight. No one's exactly sure how big Mama June was but "From Not to Hot" says 460 pounds. However the girls weren't on board with the extensive plastic surgery June planned (skin removal, chin reduction, face lift, liposuction, tummy tuck). Her breast implant procedure was the last straw. To ease their concerns, mom gave the girls play silicone implants and asked them to choose a size (as you do).

Mama June lets down potential beau

Shannon decided to debut her practice breast implant models on "From Not to Hot" in an outing for ice cream. Evidently the girls chose well because the falsies were very well-received by one patron who bought their food.

Lauryn thought momma should pursue the guy and gave him Shannon's number. WEtv shows him calling to inquire after her breasts (er, well-being) and was saddened see she'd lost weight in the "upper area." The reality television star quipped with her usual crassness that she likes "big d--ks" but doesn't ask men about their size.

Poor Honey Boo Boo -- she was busy casting the guy as her new stepdad.

Mama June cagey on weight-loss

Shannon is getting praise for weight-loss but how much has she really lost? She had to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks to get skin removal surgery. June told her agent that she had but that turned out not to be true. WEtv promises that she's now a size 4 although in episode 4 she was trying on a size 12 dress.

Presumably as the show progresses, she'll get smaller. So, how then, fans want to know, are they hiding June's shrinking size? Shannon denies wearing a fat suit but some scenes scream padding, and all her exaggerated clumsiness seems staged too.

Commenters keep mentioning that this is the same woman who lied about hooking up -- twice -- with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel. Estranged daughter Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell says mom's a fake. Shannon's ex Sugar Bear doubts her as well. So June's healed obesity but how about her honesty, folks are wondering.