While many fans are excited for the upcoming episodes of the "Dragon Ball Super" anime, some are also hooked on the manga version. Recently, reports about the new form of Vegeta were revealed in the manga and have been making the rounds on the Internet.

Vegeta's new form

There had been leaks that Vegeta will take a new form aside from being a mere Super Saiyan. "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 22 revealed Vegeta's transformation into a Super Saiyan God in red form. This happens while he is fighting with Goku Black. As a matter of fact, his new red hair shocked everyone, including Goku Black.

Many would wonder how Vegeta achieved this form.

As we all know, Vegeta has been undergoing different training. He never gets tired of his rigorous training since it is his goal to be stronger. Because of this training, he manages to achieve this transformation and make it stable.

Will SSG Red Vegeta appear in the anime?

With that, many DBS fans are anticipating seeing the Super Saiyan God red form of Vegeta in the anime version. No doubt, it would really look amazing to see a powerful red-haired Vegeta on the small screen. But for now, it will merely be featured in the manga.

Since the manga and the anime of "Dragon Ball Super" have different stories, we do not know when his new form will be seen on the screens. It is noted that the anime version already tackled the Universe Survival Arc. There are even some characters who are still alive in the manga but are no longer featured in the anime.

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Due to that difference, there is a huge possibility that Vegeta's red form will not be featured during the Tournament of Power. Initially, his participation in the tournament was not yet certain since spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 reveal that Vegeta resists joining the fight, especially because Bulma is about to give birth his daughter.

Other spoilers are saying that although Vegeta wants to watch over them, he is left with no choice but to join Goku. It is noted that Goku is trying to complete the 10 members for Universe 7 who will join the Tournament of Power. With the immense power of Vegeta, it is expected that Goku will ask him to join the team. Vegeta will no doubt do his best to help Goku win.