In the 22 edition of the "#Dragon Ball Super" manga, Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Red, such as Goku did when all the Saiyans of planet Earth shared his power with him, back at Bulma’s birthday party, when Beerus was looking for the legendary Super Saiyan God.

Curios facts:

1) In the anime, future Trunks was able to perform the powerful technique Ma-fuu-ba, while in the manga the main character was the one to perform it.

2) Gowasu was attacked by Black Goku in tome 21 of the manga, and he managed to survive thanks to the Senzu beans. In the anime, Gowasu was protected by Vegeta.

3) Future Trunks is not being as important in the manga as he was in the anime.

In the TV edition, Trunks transformed into an enraged Super Saiyan stage, but in the 22 release of the manga he is not a relevant character.

4) In the manga, Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan God (red hair), while in the anime he never did. We expect that in the multiverse Tournament both Goku and Vegeta will transform into Super Saiyan Red.

5) Goku, such as Vegeta did, transforms into Super Saiyan Red.

6) In the manga Bulma never traveled to the future, while in the anime she did use the time machine to do so.

7) In the manga edition there is no participation of Yajirobe whatsoever.

8) Along with Goku, Vegeta has a thin body shape while in his Super Saiyan Red stage.

In manga 23 of "Dragon Ball Super," Vegeta and the main character perform the fusión with the pothala earrings, giving entrance to Vegito.

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It is said that future Trunks will also reach his new Super Saiyan stage.

In edition 24, Zeno-Sama from the future will probably show up, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Further information

In episode 83 of "Dragon Ball Super," Bulma and Vegeta’s daughter Bra was finally born. Her birth, as Bulma suggests, is presented as a symbol of victory and hope, since the Tournament of power is a contest where the very existence of the Universe is at stake. For this reason Bulma begs everyone to win the contest to honor Bra.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.