The “Dragon Ball Super” fandom is still recovering from shock at present as the latest revelation about the popular series is too massive to be taken at face value. The news is about the Prince of Saiyan Vegeta who has been confirmed in the manga to have attained his ultimate level so far—Super Saiyan God Magenta/Red Vegeta.

The history of Super Saiyan God

In the “Dragon Ball” series, the story of SS god is a legend of the warrior race, that is, the Saiyans.

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In the series, “DB Minus,” it is one great factor that triggered the evil Frieza to slaughter all of the warrior race across all the universes. The same story was foreseen and told by the Oracle Fish to Beerus the Destroyer.

This also has prompted the villain to speed up the Destroyer God’s arising in the movie Battle of Gods.

How to achieve the ultimate form

A ritual must be performed to attain this particular power level. In addition, six righteous Saiyans are needed to do this and all of them must hold hands and transfer their Ki to the chosen warrior. A blue blazing aura will manifest all over the circle as a sign that the ritual is taking effect. The warrior will then ascend and will appear in magenta or red blazing aura signifying the attainment of the form.

SS God form

Just recently, Ken Xyro, the popular DB, and other anime translator and analyst, posted on his Twitter the images as well as translation of the latest chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga. On it is the revelation of Vegeta attaining the SS God form during his fight with Zamasu.

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What is interesting about this transformation is that Vegeta attained it without needing to undergo the ritual. In fact, it appears that he can just take this form as easily as he does with the SS blue level.

Prince of Saiyan joining the Universe 7

In “Dragon Ball Super” episode 84 spoiler, it was revealed that Goku paid a visit to Bulma’s house to recruit his husband to fight in the Universe Survival Arc’s Battle Royale. It was stated that the warrior declined the invitation because they are expecting the birth of his second child. However, speculations of him fighting in the latest arc have been prevalent. As it is assumed that Goku will explain to him of what may befall to the Earth should the universe get defeated in the tournament.

Given the Prince of Saiyan’s passion for fighting, his pride, and obviously his growing love for his family, most especially to his soon-to-born-daughter Bra, he will fight in the Battle Royal. As to whether he will have this recently reported form displayed in the Universe Survival Arc is still officially unconfirmed. Although it was already revealed in the manga, the anime has a bit different story as some characters who were not in the anime are still alive in the manga.