Dragon Ball Super” has another exciting episode coming on April 9. Fans have seen the birth of the Saiyan Princess who came out in extraordinary fashion. Krillin, alongside his wife Android 18 will participate with the team to fight for Universe 7. Finally, in the 84th episode, we will all get to see the powerful fighter, Android 17.

Episode 85 synopsis

The ever-reliable Todd Blankenship who never failed to provide fans with translated updates about the phenomenal anime series posted on Twitter the Jump magazine’s preview of the upcoming episode. Episode 85 is titled "The Universes Get Into Gear, Each One's Thoughts."

The preview revealed the potential alliance that will be formed between all the participating universes against Goku and universe 7.

It appears that in their individual points of view, the Saiyan warrior is to be blamed for the possible destruction of the losing universes.

Gods hatching a dark plan

Previously, there was a teaser released hinting at the gathering of the Gods of Destructions and Kaioshins in Universe 11. This now makes perfect sense as the synopsis is finally revealed. Although there were mixed sentiments among the Supreme Kais or Kaioshins, they still decided to plan for Goku and his planet’s destruction. The Tournament of Power was giving the gods the tension they have never experienced before.

This teaming up against the series’ hero was previously hinted by Whis in one of the previous episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” He said that all the universes will be targeting him and will go out to get him.

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One reason for such loathing from the gods and Kaioshins is because the tournament was Goku’s crazy idea, which is understandable.

Beerus not invited

The most intriguing part of the synopsis is the fact that Beerus was the only one not invited to the gathering and planning of the gods. His twin brother Champa was invited and most probably even part of the plan. Will it be possible, then, for Champa to reveal the plan to his twin Beerus and even report it to the Omni-King? Or will he just simply warn his twin and conspire with the others to initiate their plan?

Gohan visits Piccolo

Another addition to the fighters of Universe 7 will be seen in episode 85 of “Dragon Ball Super.” As revealed, Gohan will visit his mentor, Piccolo and will invite him to fight at the battle royale. Piccolo trained Gohan when he was younger and fought along with him in many battles to protect the Earth and even Namek.