In the previews episode, the Grand Priest prematurely ended the exhibition match between Toppo, the leader of the Pride Trooper, and Goku. The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will involve all the universes, with the 10 strongest warriors each to represent them in the tournament of power.

Rules of the tournament of power

The Grand Priest Daishinkan announced the new rules for the tournament. First, it will be a survival battle among the eight participating universes.

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Second, the use of weapons, flight, and killing opponents is prohibited in the battle. Finally, the tournament will have 80 participants in one massive ring and the universe with the most survivors will win.

The tournament will be a survival kind that resembles battle royale.

The world of void

The place where the stage of the battle royale is set is in the World of Void. This place is an isolated setting with no time or space. This is a perfect place where warriors can use the full extent of their power. However, several fighters will not be able to use their skills and abilities in this location.

Champa, the God of Destruction of the Universe 6, already knows this fact. Hit, The Assassin, one of their strongest fighter is one who cannot use his full power in the world of void. Vados seems to have known this fact as well; however, it appears that he has some plan in mind.

Hit's power nerfed

Hit is known to have a signature technique called time-skip. This allows the fighter to control time and stop it for one-tenth of a second.

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In that given time, Hit freely moves to land attacks or to counter blows. This technique can also be powered-up. The first stage is increasing it to one-fifth of a second, next is to half a second, and the highest form is to an even higher amount with an increase estimated to be one second. This technique can be used infinitely given that Hit’s power is not yet drained.

Time-Skip is one of his abilities that puts him at a great advantage against his opponents. However, this technique will be nerfed. Given the characteristic of the place, as there is the absence of time and space, The Assassin cannot simply use it there.