Many fans wish to see Bardock in “Dragon Ball Super." Some of them have hopes that he may even make an appearance in the multiverse tournament organized by Zeno-Sama. In the next lines we will mention three theories about Bardock’s possible introduction to the series.

1st Theory:

When he was a child, Jaco had the chance to meet the Saiyan race, since he was already working for the Galactic Patrol. He is an intrepid character, and as such, he always seems to go on an adventure or a mission.

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When Goku was sent to Earth, Jaco was charged with the task of destroying the projectile launched from planet Vegeta to Earth, but in the end, Jaco discovered that it was not a missile but a space pod (the one Goku was sent on).

The Galactic Patrol was mislead into believing that the Saiyans wanted to destroy Earth (their real intention was to conquer it).

Jaco may meet with Goku at some point and tell him about the Saiyans, and possibly about his father Bardock.

2nd Theory:

Whis has the skill to look into the past and recall events that took place a long time ago. As an example, we can remember the time he was able to show through his cane the battle between Goku and Frieza, while he was chatting with the powerful God of destruction Beerus. Whis can likely use his cane to show how the Saiyans used to live, and Bardock may appear in those images.

3rd Theory:

While many fans believe that Bardock is dead, some others think that he may still be alive. Almost 50% of the fans say that the movie in which Bardock travels to the past and fights against the space pirate Chilled does not belong to the creator of the anime.

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It is true that the last movie of Goku’s father was drawn by Akira Toriyama’s collaborator, but in order to not enter in conflict with anyone, we will mention 2 possible facts:

1) If Bardock is still alive, then he may appear at some point in the actual saga, shocking and thrilling the entire audience.

2) If Bardock is dead, then he still may appear at some point in the future, in the afterworld.

These are the three theories that may come to pass in the near future of the series. Possibly, since Jaco’s manga was created by Toriyama himself, Goku's father may be introduced in the story as a memory.