In the "Dragon Ball" universe, a character's transformation is not a rare occurrence. In fact, almost all the fan-favorite characters have their own levels of transformation. Fans have seen the skilled Saiyan fighters reached SS Blue and even SS God form. However, a recent hint of Goku’s transformation is another news the fandom would not want to miss.

Episode 82

In episode 82 of “Dragon Ball Super,” Toppo, secretly loathing the series’ favorite Saiyan, challenged him to a fight. During the fight, it was noticeable that the team leader of the troopers is indeed a strong fighter, which triggered Goku to transform into his early Saiyan form. However, regardless of his rival’s strength and power, it appears that the popular fighter of Universe 7 was not affected.


In fact, he was about to reveal to his opponent how he would fight when he has surpassed his limits.

At this point, the Grand Priest, Daishinkan stopped the fight. However, what is interesting is his reaction when he heard the leader of the Universe 7 utter those words to his opponent. Daishinkan raised his eyebrows in part horror and part amazement and immediately ordered the fight to end. The Grand Priest know too well that Goku has something deep within him that could lead to the destruction of his opponent.

Limit x breaker

This heavily speculated latest transformation of the fan-favorite character in the series was dubbed by other analysts as the Limit X. Several other called it the Super Saiyan X.

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The theory about the term limit x came from the title of the opening song of the universe survival arc. Others have borrowed the term Goku used when he spoke to the leader of the troopers about his form beyond his limits.

New transformation

In the trailer, Goku was seen transforming surrounded by a bright red aura. Fans theorized that this new transformation could be the perfected version of the kaio-ken. Other speculated it to be a new power that will be unleashed when he fight with Jiren.

Perhaps, the leader of the universe 7 has already attained or perfected the SS God level. In the Manga, it was recently confirmed that Vegeta has already reached that form. It is quite possible that the fan-favorite Saiyan has all along mastered it and is just waiting to reveal his true power in one of the series of “Dragon Ball Super.”