Surprise! A few moments ago a possible Image of the manga #22 "Dragon Ball Super" was release which shows us an unprecedented facet never seen before; the prince of the Saiyans. This image is not yet confirmed as official, but his drawing is very similar to the one we see monthly by artist "Toyotaro". However, we must take this picture cuautiously.

As you can see in the gallery, we see in the image Zamasu merged, and in another scene are Vegeta and Goku, both with their transformation into "Red Super Saiyajin". Up in another scene that we estimate will start the manga 22, we see Gowazu possibly dead or badly injured after the attack of Goku Black.

The plot

In spite of seeing the impressive drawing of Gowazu, all the glances of these images takes us to Vegeta with its unpublished transformation as a Super Saiyajin red God. Since Vegeta obtained the state God we asked if this one could use the red god state that Goku used with Beerus, and if these are these official scans we could be confirming that it acquired this state in spite of not having done a previous ritual.

Additional information

On the other hand, we see Zamasu fused, and he looks impressive in the manga, denoting being extremely powerful and being on a level never seen before. We can also see Gowazu, who as we mentioned before, his death is uncertain. The image gives the whole sense of showing a sure death of the Kaioshin of the Universe 10, but we estimate that in one way or another they will save their lives, otherwise Ramushi (the destroying God) will not be present in the power tournament that Is looming in the manga.

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However, we can also speculate that after the battle passes Gowazu with the dragon spheres will revive, something we see unlikely.

Needless to say, the new face shown by Vegeta in these scans is really impressive and has astonished fans, but we reiterate that it has not yet been confirmed that these images are official. If this news is confirmed we will be communicating it immediately.

Question: Would you like Vegeta to own the "Super Saiyan" Red God? Below give us your opinion on the subject.