What is going to happen with Goku and the team of Universe 7 once the Tournament of power begins?

In episode 83 we were able to see Goku and the rest speaking with Vegeta about him joining the team to participate in the Tournament of Power, but he refuses the invitation because of the pregnancy of Bulma. Finally, at the end of the episode, Whis helps Vegeta’s wife bring her little daughter to the world. Her name is“Bra”!

Now that his daughter is finally born, Vegeta will join Universe 7’s team, after all he is willing to show how powerful he is.

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Aside from Vegeta, Goku and the rest agreed to invite both Krillin and Master Roshi to the tournament. But there is still room for one more fighter, so the search begins…

According to the Twitter user Todd Blankenship, in episode 84 Goku and the rest will visit Krillin and Android 18 to recruit the Saiyan’s best friend and old training partner.

Gohan will be the one testing Krillin’s skills, while Goku will analyze the battle from the outside and see if he is truly up to the task and capable to join the tournament. After that, it is probable that after the battle, Goku will ask 18 for her brother Android 17's whereabouts.

In episode 85, titled “The Universes join as a team. What’s the thoughts of everyone? we will see that Goku will need more than Android 18’s help to find her brother and will seek Dende’s help as well. In the meantime, the rest of the Supreme Kai's from the other universes that will participate in the Tournament of power gather on Universe 11. Fans are asking why this is happening. So far there is no official data about this.

Episode 85 will be released on April 9th

Goku will succeed in recruiting Android 17, and he will finally make his appearence in episode 86 of "Dragon Ball Super." So far we have no data about how that episode will be titled, but it will mark the return of Android 17, and will be released on April 16th.

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This is all the information known so far. Enjoy the current saga, and stay tuned for further updates.