In episode 83 of "Dragon Ball Super," Goku and his friends arrived to Earth and revealed many interesting facts.

Curiosities of episode 83

1) Monaka was mentioned by Goku to enter the Tournament of power and fight in representation of Universe 7’s team, but the God of destruction Beerus was forced to lie again, saying that Monaka was sick and would not be able to join the tournament.

2) Vegeta does not wish to join the Tournament of Power, since he is concerned with helping Bulma with the birthing of his daughter, Bra.

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3) In order to convince Vegeta to enter the Tournament and fight for Universe 7’s team, Whis used his power to help Bulma with the birthing of little Bra. Thanks to the Angel’s help, Vegeta’s wife suffered no pain at all, and her daughter was safely brought into this world.

Now, this tells us that there is still much to see from Whis, and he still has many amazing skills that we will surely see in the saga.

4) Bulma’s daughter is called “Bulla” which in many countries is the translation for Bra or Bura. As an example of other characters with different names in other countries we can mention:

  • Goku is also known as Kakarotto.
  • Piccolo is also known as Picoro.
  • Frieza is also known as Freezer.
  • Markerita is also known as Margarita.

On another subject

Vegeta is, deep inside his heart, very happy about the birth of his little daughter, but as usual, he hides his feelings from the rest. Nevertheless every time someone made her cry, he instantly transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. It is obvious that this little child will have a huge influence on Vegeta’s character and we will surely see this in the Tournament of Power.

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This time, the Prince of the Saiyans will fight with all his power and his pride will have nothing to do with that. This time, his power will be fueled by the love for his daughter and his need to protect her.

We have also seen Yamcha interested in joining the Universal Tournament, but as we all know, it is imposible for him to join the contest.

Episode 84’s preview

In the preview of episode 84 we can see that Gohan will fight against Krilin. Goku will be the one that will judge. Android 18 will also accept Goku’s proposal and join the Multiverse Tournament.