The Tournament of power is closer than ever and the warriors form the different universes begin to ready themselves to face the most critical battle in the history of their universes and their lives so far. Among the warriors that started to train we’ve got Goku and Majin Buu, characters that will perform intensive training. Next, we will show you all the latest news that will tell us what’s going to happen in the future episodes.

What we know so far about episode 85

Title: "The Universes rise to action! The thoughts of everyone."

Synopsis: While Goku heads to The Lookout seeking Kami’s help to find Android 17, he crosses Majin Buu, who is performing an intensive training session and has achieved improvements in his fighting speed and agility.

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It seems that the former villain of "Dragon Ball Z" is taking the tournament seriously.

Goku’s aim is to ask Dende for Android 17’s whereabouts, knowing that the young namekian has the skill to find any individual.

In the meantime, the Supreme Kais of the rest of the universes gather together in Universe 11 of Vermouth, better known as the clown-like God of destruction.

Finally, after a long search, in episode 86 Goku will end up finding Android 17, who will join him and the rest of the warriors to defend Universe 7’s future.

What happened in the previous episode?

Let’s remember that the synopsis of episode 84 tells us about Goku inviting Krillin and Android 18 to the Tournament of power, but at first she refuses to participate. Only after Goku tells her that the winner will earn 10 million Zeni does she agree to enter the contest. In the end, she also ends up finding out that Krillin has become very strong after seeing him fighting against Gohan in a test battle. This last reason helped her make the decision of finally joining Universe 7’s team, since it is her desire to fight side by side with her husband.

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It seems that Akira Toriyama’s team has decided to give Krillin a more important role in this saga, and for this reason he may achieve an increase in power that may make him stronger than Piccolo and even the Androids themselves.