The official synopsis of episode 83 of "Dragon Ball Super" tells us about Goku thinking that Universe 11 will probably be the hardest to beat, specially that warrior Toppo and his elite troops since they are very powerful.

After Goku’s return to Earth, Beerus and Whis tell him that he must gather the best 10 warriors that he is aware of, but that he must be cautious with those he chooses. So it’s up to him to seek and find the 10 most powerful warriors of Universe 7 to participate in Zeno’s Tournament.

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Of course, Goku’s first choice is none other than the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta, but since his daughter is about to be born, Vegeta does not wish to participate in the Tournament and wants to spend some time with his newly born child.

It is not until Goku tells Vegeta that if defeated the Universe will be destroyed that the Prince of the Saiyans changes his mind and gets worried about what may happen with his family. Finally, Bulma and Vegeta’s daughter Bra is born, and they decide that this new life is one that must be protected, so Vegeta tells Goku that he wishes to see his daughter grow up, so everyone must give their best effort in the Tournament. He confesses to Goku that he feels something very special about his little daughter, something that did not happen when Trunks was born.


Vegeta starts training really hard, focusing all his thoughts and efforts on Bra. It would seem that what we’ve seen in "Dragon Ball GT" will be maintained in "Dragon Ball Super," and that there will be a very special relationship between Vegeta and his daughter.

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We can also recall a scene in which they both were shopping, and that the Prince of the Saiyans was very protective of his daughter.

Probably after the Tournament we will be able to see Goku fighting against Uub, and maybe after that, many years forward, we will see both Goten and Trunks as grown men, and Vegeta spending some time with his daughter, Bra.

What can we expect in the next episodes?

Summarizing, we will first see Bra's birth. After that, in episode 84, Goku will see Krillin and Android 18 and invite them to join Universe 7’s team, and in episode 85 he will finally meet Android 17.