Dragon Ball Super” Episode 83 gave a lighter touch to a series of battle-filled and action packed episodes. After the premature battle with Toppo ended, the warriors of universe 7 were transported to the Earth. The team arrived at Bulma’s place where Chi-Chi was preparing a banquet for the birth of the new baby.

Vegeta’s tsundere

Fans of the highly popular anime know that the Prince of Saiyan is cold and stiff. He is known to be full of pride and love to feed his ego and his selfish ambitions. In this episode, it appears that the villain-turned-Earth-warrior-Saiyan has surprisingly changed.

His ambition and his love for fighting were unexpectedly set aside when he declined Goku’s invitation to be one of universe 7’s fighters.


He cannot leave his wife’s side and fight until she had given birth to their second child. In addition, in the previous episode, he was seen stressed out because of his wife’s pregnancy.

Qualifying universe 7 fighters

Meanwhile, the father and son tandem were thinking of other fighters who could be with them during the tournament of power battle royale. Both imagined Krillin fighting Basil, only to see the Earthman lose in the imaginary fight. Despite being perceived as not tough enough, they reconsidered Krillin saying that he has several unique attacks.

Although Goku really wanted Monaka to be on their team, his idea was immediately shot by Beerus. Monaka is sick and will not be able to join in the battle royale of "Dragon Ball Super." Gohan recommended Roshi, taking into consideration his vast experience and his variety of moves.

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In addition, Android 18 and her brother, Android 17, were also taken into account.

Currently, the team is consists of Goku, Gohan, Buu, Piccolo, Krillin, Android 17, Android 18, Vegeta and Master Roshi. Kid Trunks and Goten were not anymore included because of their inexperience.

Bulma’s premature delivery

Although Vegeta was already included in the list, the prince has not yet decided to participate because of his wife’s condition. Given only 39 more hours to complete the team, Whiz he used his powers to make Bulma give birth to the baby. The process was pain-free as the newborn amazingly just appeared.

Vegeta was thinking of a good Saiyan name for his child only to find out that his wife has already come up with one.


She named her Bra or Bulla. Trunks was at first uneasy about his little sister because he wanted a boy to train with. However, soon enough, he liked Bra.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 ended with Goku flying to visit Krillin. Yamcha appeared in the episode and was seen briefly considering about participating in the battle royale.