While Goku is busy preparing for the Tournament of Power which will start after 40 hours, #Vegeta has another important matter to attend to. In "#Dragon Ball Super" episode 83, Vegeta's wife Bulma will be giving birth to their second child. What does it mean for Universe 7?

The preview for episode 83 shows Bulma giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. As fans of Dragon Balls know, this girl is the sister of Trunks named Bulla or Bra. Bulma would comment that there is a new life that the Universe 7 needs to protect. Because of this, Goku will do his best to gather the most powerful fighters so they could win the Tournament of Power.

Meet Bulla or Bra

Bulla is born four years after Kid Buu was defeated. She doesn't have any resemblance to her father but she looks like her mother. As a matter of fact, she appears like a younger version of her mom with the same hair color.

But this isn't the first time that we will see Bulla. When she was 6 years old, she first appeared in "Dragon Ball Z" while watching a tournament of her father. Then she was featured in "Dragon Ball GT" as an 11-year-old teenager sporting a sexy red outfit. The closeness of Bulla and Vegeta is seen here as they go shopping.

Since Bulla is half-human and half-Saiyan, she also has powers like Trunks but she prefers to go shopping than to fight. Vegeta won't pressure her to train unlike what he did to Trunks

Vegeta's fondness of Bulla

Everyone knows that Vegeta has a special fondness of his daughter.

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This is one reason why he initially refused to fight for the Tournament of Power. He wants to spend time with his daughter and protect her.

It is also noted that Bulla always bothers Vegeta like how she asked him to shave and to go shopping with her. It appears that the Saiyan prince couldn't resist any of Bulla's request. Vegeta spoils Bulla and he is not hesitant in showing affection to her.

Bulla's birth in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 shows the missing part of Bulla. This will surely give us more details about her life and how she would affect Vegeta. Apparently, her birth will also have a huge impact to Goku and the rest of the members of Universe 7.