After taking a short break, Toei Animation finally released episode 82 of "Dragon Ball Super." It took us 2 weeks to finally see the new episode, but it was definitely worth it since it revealed something very interesting about Universe 11. Toppo is not the strongest warrior in it, which means that Goku may be in serious trouble.

Toppo from Universe 11

The fans of the series are aware that Toppo was introduced as a very strong character. It was also said that he is the strongest warrior of his universe. He was even considered as the main aspirant to the next God of destruction after winning the tournament. Now, after episode 82 we’ve come to realize that all those facts were inaccurate, that Toppo wasn’t the strongest warrior of Universe 11, but someone else is.

Toppo is not the strongest warrior of Universe 11?

After the battle was over, Goku decided to have a sportsman-like attitude and shake hands with his rival and congratulate him for the fierce battle he offered, but Toppo refused to shake hands with the Saiyan since he still considers Goku an evil warrior. In fact he turned his back on the protagonist, and told him that although he was unable to defeat him, justice always prevails and that there is someone stronger in Universe 11 that will surely defeat the Saiyan in the name of righteousness. Jiren, The Grey is the name of such a warrior.

Who is Jiren the Grey?

Judging by the opening of this new saga of "Dragon Ball Super," we can imply that Jiren is none other than the alien-like warrior Goku is shown facing. As far as the opening allows, we can see him detecting and deflecting Goku’s attacks, so it would seem that he is a skilled warrior, and since the Saiyan did have a hard time fighting Toppo, surely Jiren will turn out to be a real threat to Universe 7.

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Nevertheless, we expect that Goku will shock us all with a new transformation which is said to be a combination of the Super Saiyan God stage with something else.

All we can do now is wait and see what the creators of the series have in store for us. A few weeks ago, Daishinkan also revealed the true purpose behind the organization of the Tournament of power. According to the King of all, the event was organized in order to balance the 12 Universes.

The next episode of the series is scheduled to be released on March 26, 2017.