Working in the White House must definitely be one of the most high-pressure jobs in the world, but it must also be extremely rewarding and fascinating. As the excellent HBO series “Veep” has also demonstrated over the years, there is also a lot of humor to be derived from this specific time and place on our planet, and it looks like Universal Pictures is ready to showcase this topic on the big screen.

Working with an historic President

A President is only as good as the staffers that assist him during the course of his tenure, and Obama definitely had his share of genius working under the White House wing.

One of his stenographers, Beck Dorey-Stein, recently made a book proposal about life in the most powerful office in the world, and it looks like it has generated a tremendous amount of buzz.

The book has been titled “From The Corner Of The Oval," and is going to be centered on one woman’s journey from being a waitress to working for the President of America. The premise definitely sounds fascinating, which is why Random House has picked up this proposal and is going to publish a two-part book based on the idea.

The momentum of this unique idea continued to build to a point where Universal Pictures caught wind of the fascinating premise and is now going to make a film in conjunction with Anonymous Content.

The producer of this film is going to be Michael Sugar, a man who seems to be quite interested in making films with political inclinations ("Spotlight," "The OA").

An interesting approach

There is no doubt that America is still reeling from the recent turbulence caused by the change in guard at its helm. Obama was an extremely popular President, and there are still plenty of people who are interested in the life of the dashing political figurehead.

Obama himself recently signed a 60 million dollar book deal with Penguin Random House in order to release another autobiography, so the audience still very much exists for this specific sphere of entertainment. Having a film examine life in the oval office using the point of view of an outsider is a fascinating take and is sure to refresh the political comedy genre tremendously.

American politics has become a spectacle to say the least, and it comes as no surprise that production houses are now looking to bank on this spectacle and reap some heavy rewards.