Rihanna has been named Harvard University’s “Humanitarian of the Year.”

Recently, one of the most famous female celebrities, Rihanna, has built a breast cancer treatment center in Barbados. Because of her significant contributions and services for the welfare of humanity, Harvard University has given her the title of 2017’s “Humanitarian of the Year.” It would not be wrong to say that Rihanna is widely celebrated for her music. But she is a polite lady too. These days, she has been in the news for her humanitarian work.

Rihanna is 2017’s ‘Humanitarian of the Year’

Harvard University will award Rihanna the Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award at an upcoming ceremony. Rihanna has a kind heart, and she loves to serve her fellow human beings. This is why, she planned to build a state-of-the-art medical center. At this center, patients of breast cancer are provided with free treatment facilities. Rihanna’s breast cancer center is located at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados. Harvard Foundation's director, S. Allen Counter, has said that Rihanna is a wonderful person. She loves to donate large amounts to charities.

Rihanna was in Malawi last month where she spent quality time with teachers, students, and mentors.

She often travels to different parts of the world to promote education on behalf of her charitable organization. Not only this but also her charity offers a range of scholarships to needy and brilliant students. All this proves that Rihanna has a vested interest in serving humanity.

Rihanna as an ambassador

The bold and beautiful star is an ambassador of the “Global Citizen,” and the “Global Partnership for Education.” She often participates in campaigns that aim to provide kids with access to quality education in developing countries.

According to her, the education of girls is far important than boys. And how can we forget to mention the moments when Prince Harry and Rihanna were together on “World AIDS Day”? Both of them spent hours in her native Barbados, making statements on HIV and other serious disorders. Every year, Harvard University awards prominent public figures. Rihanna is lucky because Harvard has selected her from hundreds of international singers and Hollywood celebrities.