Donald Trump has only been the President of the United States for less than two weeks, but he's already creating controversy. After signing multiple executive orders, including the "Muslim ban," backlash has followed, especially from celebrities in Hollywood.

Trump backlash

Just days after Donald Trump was sworn into office on Inauguration Day, he quickly took pen to paper and started signing off on executive orders that have since been met with opposition by Democrats in Washington, as well as millions of Americans across the country. Last Friday, Trump signed the aforementioned "Muslim ban," which resulted on in various protests breaking out in airports around the United States, especially once news broke that Muslims were being detained inside.

In addition to the executive orders, Trump's cabinet picks have been heavily criticized, as has his nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch. As seen across Twitter on February 1, celebrities are using their popularity to call out the new president, with some going as far as demanding impeachment.

"Calling on all patriotic Republicans to demand that Muslim ban be rescinded," actor and director Rob Reiner wrote on Twitter, before adding, "Gen. Mattis,Sen. McCain, you know this makes us less safe-SPEAK." Not stopping there, Reiner continued, this time calling out Donald Trump for being a "liar." "With the sh*t show going on inside the mentally ill liar's WH, thank God we're not facing an external crisis," Reiner wrote, before sarcastically adding, "But Pres.

Bannon will save us."

Moore speaks

Filmmaker Michael Moore took to his social media account to lash out at Donald Trump, this time targeting his Supreme Court nomination, while sending a message to congressional Democrats in the process.

"Senate Dems, let's be very clear: You will filibuster & block this SC nom or we will find a true progressive and primary u in next election," Moore wrote.

King's take

Horror author Stephen King expressed his disdain for Donald Trump on his Twitter account, going after the "Muslim ban," and the president's constant complaining over the news media.

"Trump's view of fake news explained: "If it runs counter to what I believe or say, it's fake," King wrote, while pointing out, "The facts are irrelevant." On the executive order in question, King noted, "How about some extreme vetting of Donald Trump's tax returns?"

"Oh my, Takei"

Actor George Takei decided to step away from social media, and instead give his opinion on Donald Trump in a scathing op-ed for The New York Daily News.

Takei, who spent time in a Japanese Internment Camp during World War 2, has taken the "Muslim ban" personal, and isn't happy. Takei went on to say that Trump was "ignorant of history and facts" and that he "reacts based on his emotion and his 'alternative facts.'"

Going further, the former "Star Trek" star went on to label the new commander in chief a "terrorist." "He is ignorant, and because of his ignorance, he is fearful," Takei wrote, stating, "Actually, the real terrorist is Donald Trump. He's the American terrorist."