New news comes from Japan for the next episodes of "#Dragon Ball Super." Chapter 80 will be centered on Gohan vs. Lavenda's long-awaited fight, in which it is estimated that the wolf of the ninth universe would be victorious, while Chapter 81 will feature Goku and Bergamo, the strongest of both worlds. Below we show you the synopsis revealed today.


Bergamo the crusher reveals its great power! The exhibition tournament comes to an end and Goku has a chance to win it. Bergamo gives a talk to conquer all for the universe 4, causing them to turn against Goku and the others. In addition, Bergamo demonstrates his ability to transform the attacks of others into his own power.

How will Goku fight this sneaky foe? Bergamo, the overwhelming, shows his enormous qualities.

Zeno, this week: Are you reversing your decision to destroy the loser worlds? Accepting the proposal of Bergamo, Zeno announces that if the Universe 4 wins, the god will withdraw his plan to erase the losing universes.

What is Zeno's goal?

It is revealed that Zeno would reverse his plan to erase the universes if Universe 4 wins the tournament. This is something very strange since we do not know why it involves the universe of the destroying God Quitela, but chances are that as the days pass, more information will be revealed about this unknown.

Additional information

After reading the synopsis, we can understand that Bergamo is a great manipulator, since it seems that he will put all against the universe 7 of Goku.

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Most likely, a talk about Goku's thoughtlessness, putting the 11 universes against the same Universe 7 of Beerus.

In addition to that, it is revealed that the major wolf of the danger trio dominates a really impressive technique in which he turns the attacks of his enemies and absorbs that power. It is not clear if he copies the techniques or converts them into energy and then keeps them. Ultimately, fans and viewers will have to tune in to the next episode to know for sure, which will likely answer more questions.