A few hours ago in many social media circles and in the country of Japan, a new preview of the Saiyajin Gohan has been revealed, with his hair very different from what was seen on planet Earth since he has stopped training to devote himself to a new family role with his daughter and wife.

Gohan and white hair?

Gohan is a close friend of Saiyajin Trunks, who is in the future fighting the most fearsome enemies in the entire universe. He is managing to push a new power forward with his hands and he is hoping someday that he will reach the blue god phase.


His father Vegeta and his friend Goku have already reached this phase previously. In the preview Gohan appears with a new uniform, but on a shield appears the signature of the mentor of the universe 7. It could be surmised that Whiss, who is training in the planet Earth, is the personage on the shield.

Gohan the warrior of the future

In a line of the future when the androids came to exist, the Saiyan Gohan, as many remember, was the most powerful in his base state. What if he had continued fighting and training in the alternative future, would he have surpassed his father Goku? It's hard to tell when there are so many possibilities especially because of the introduction of the androids.

For many to remember these events in the future, they mark a feeling of sadness, since from that moment its creator Akira Toriyama, decided to give a very different touch to the series in the timeline of the present, dedicating the character to being an exemplary father. Thus instead of training the martial arts, Gohan will dedicate himself to his studies. Although for many this was a big mistake because they needed to see how strong he could have become.

The interesting thing about the publication in V-Jump magazine is that it marks a great change in the game of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. There are times that to be a protagonist in a game, one could appreciate the resurgence of Saiyajin Gohan in a mystical state, that makes its aura white with flashes of yellow, creating a more majestic character within the 12 universes.