Hey, "NCIS" fans. Yeah, it's true, guys. Unfortunately, we've got another hiccup in tonight's primetime line-up as far as your favorite show is concerned. The new episode 12 of season 14 is being put on the back burner until next week, Tuesday night, January 17th, 2017 at 7pm central time, so be sure to get that into your memory banks, because that's when it's going down, baby. It's going down!

They're giving you "Being Bad" again

What does CBS have in store for you tonight? Well, they are delivering an encore presentation, which is just fancy name for a rerun.

It's going to be for the 2nd episode that aired for this season 14, which is titled: "Being Bad." It's the one where the crew located a huge plot that involved a dangerous bomb, along with a theft ring that had been in operation for years. Torres and Quinn were also starting to try to get adjusted to their new surroundings. I'm guessing most of you die-hard fans have already seen this one. However, on the off chance that you haven't, this could be an opportunity for you to check it out.

Now, here's a bit of good news. It turns out that CBS has revealed the official synopsis spoiler scoops for the new 12th installment. We've also got the title for it, which is called: "Off The Grid." It sounds like a pretty fitting title according one of the storylines that's taking place.

An off the books partnership

Speaking of that one, we'll go ahead and start the session off with it. It's the lesser storyline of the two that we have to share with you. It involves Bishop and Reeves. We learn that they're going to be quite busy, partnering up to try and crack a case that's actually off-the-books as they describe.

So, it sounds like, as the title of this episode suggests, that they will go off the grid to look into this big mystery investigation. What kind of trouble will they encounter, if any? Will they be able to solve it? These are some very big questions with this scenario.

Gibbs goes into swift action mode

Alright, so next we've got the main storyline of the evening!

According to their press release description, we'll be seeing someone who is the brother of a person that is on the NCIS' most wanted list, turn up on the scene at some point, and he will catch the eye of Gibbs. This will prompt Gibbs to immediately assume his former alias, so he can go undercover with their anti-government militia, which is described as being quite infamous. Will Gibbs get himself into some major danger with his undercover outing? Or will he pull off a successful mission? Something tells me there might be a lot suspense involved with this. We'll have to wait and see.

Additionally, we've got a couple production credits to mention. We have writers: Frank Cardea and George Schenck that pinned the script, and castmember Rocky Carroll, directed it. Stay tuned.