Many will be the discussions that will turn around the new upcoming content of Akira Toriyama, which will be released on February 5th of the current year. Let’s hope that in the next few days we receive some official scans of the Japanese series (NewType, V-Jump, etc) so that we can get into the new storyline a bit more. We are still uncertain what team Universe 6 will present in the tournament, and it is the universe we know the most, apart from Universe 7. Still, we are confident that Hit will not lose this tournament and the chance to fight Goku again, but Frost (the other most powerful character of Universe 6) is still missing.


But regarding the other universes we know little to nothing, and the only known character so far is the deity Gowasu, who will surely be in the tournament unless he finds a replacement for his successor.

The questions about who is going to be the villain of the saga grow bigger, as no information regarding this subject was given so far, and the speculations around the High Priest sound louder with the passing of time. Still, as we have said in previous notes, we don’t believe that this is going to be the case.

We are even unaware of how many villains there will be since it can be more than just one. Maybe the evil will come from one of the still unknown universes, or even worse (don’t forget that each universe has its twin). It would be very interesting to see many universes filled with evil characters trying to wreak havoc in the tournament.

Still the conspiracy theory sounds interesting

While thinking of Universes filled with evil is thrilling, we can’t deny how interesting a conspiracy against the creator gods sounds.


It can be some sort of return to the “Mystic Adventure” movie of "Dragon Ball", where a fictitious emperor Chaoz was betrayed by those around him. Is there a way to fool or even defeat the Zenos? If there is a villain with plans of destroying the status quo of the things, he will first have to defeat the Zenos. Is the King of All Things a setback in the developing of future sagas? The idea of someone who can destroy anything and that is stronger than anyone kind of complicates the idea of future villains in the series, since Zeno can annihilate any menace.

This can become a very challenging problem to Akira Toriyama, since he will have to deal with 2 Zenos, not just one. It will be interesting to see how Toriyama will neutralize them.