Surprising! "Dragon Ball Super," the amazing series created by Akira Toriyama, designed nowadays by the artist Toyotaro, and encouraged officially by Toei Animation, continues being one of the best plots in all of the animation world, and continues to pull in a considerable number of viewers with each passing week.

The tournament

In this context, the best plot and most awaited would come to be such an acclaimed tournament of twelve existing universes, in which Son Gokú will return to show us his skills as warrior Saiyan, since in this space of time he has been training hard, as we saw in the chapter number 73 of the series.


So, while Son Gohan was postulating to be a candidate for the Great Saiyaman in a movie, his father was training with the Kaiosama of the north.

It is very probable that in this new challenge, and in this new tournament, each warrior will have to work very hard and push themselves to the limit and beyond in order to be able to achieve new skills. Ultimately, this upcoming tournament will feature the best warriors in the entire "Dragon Ball" lore, and, as that is the case, this will be no walk in the park when it comes to trying to defeat these fearsome and powerful warriors.

Add to this the fact that the losing team in this tournament will get their universe destroyed, and you have a situation where the stakes simply can't be any higher.

Son Goku speculation

Ultimately, Goku will still likely be the main protagonist of this upcoming saga. While there has been speculation that Vegeta could be the main protagonist, odds are still good overall that that role will rest on the shoulders of Goku. Still, this new tournament is looking very much like a greatest hits/All-Star team scenario, bringing together both some of the most powerful, but also the most popular characters.


Overall, this is a recipe that has many fans excited, and waiting in anticipation for the premiere of the next saga.

In this new occasion, it is very probable that if Gokú does not possess a new transformation, the Blue God will return to use the Kaioken fused with the transformation of the Super Saiyan, but with a surprising difference: the Kaioken increases by 20.