Its been quite some time since #Goku and Vegeta last showed us a new transformation, and many fans were starting to get tired of the continuous transformations, variety of colors, and lengths of hair. Fortunately, Toei Animation has found some alternatives and reinvented techniques such as the Kaio-Ken while transformed into Super Saiyan Blue, as we were able to see in the Tournament of the 6th and 7th universes. We’ve also seen Black’s transformation into Super Saiyan Rose, and that of future Trunks and his rage-fueled transformation.


We have also seen Kyabe transform into Super Saiyan for the first time, although it didn’t cause much thrill. Nevertheless, neither Goku nor Vegeta have shown us any new and original transformations (discarding obviously those invented by Toei in GT). We say this because since they first turned into Super Saiyan Blue, we have not seen any other ways for the warriors to increase their already inmense power.

Will we have the chance to see new transformations in the new, upcoming saga?

So far we know that the manga will present the new saga earlier than the anime, and according to Toyotaro, the paper version will be ahead the anime in the story.

Does this mean that the battles will be longer in the anime than in the manga? Let’s remember that in the tournament organized by Beerus and Champa, some battles lasted full episodes (they started at the halfway point of an episode, and ended up at the halfway point of the next one).

Maybe the manga will skip certain “lesser” battles, or end them faster than the anime. Now will the manga show us any new transformations for Goku and Vegeta? Let’s recall that some time ago Akira Toriyama mentioned that the Super Saiyan Blue’s original concept had white hair and the idea of its name was Super Saiyan White, but at that time, there was too much contrast with the villain of the Freezer movie.


Some fans make reference to the fusioned Zamasu, who had white hair, but no official statement was made regarding this. Whatever the case, the truth is that the Super Saiyan White is yet to be revealed. Will this new saga be its debut?