An imminent return?

We informed you of the possibility that we could see the arrival (and supposed resurrection) of Bardock, the father of Goku, in DBS. Today we bring you the news about the return of Broly. For days, a line of figures has been announcing the launch of some new dolls that feature Bardock, Boo, or Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue phase among their models. Now we know that Broly will also be in the catalog of available dolls, something that could suggest his possible return to "Dragon Ball Super." Or rather its premiere, since we have only seen Broly in the world of "Dragon Ball" through the films "Blow Out The Duel" and "The Return Of Broly."

Besides this, the section chief, responsible for the Dragon Ball saga at the Shueisha publishing house, chatted with Yahoo Japan about the phenomenon, and in passing he explained what the mysterious Dragon Ball Room initiative is underway.

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"Across the ocean, physical strength determines popularity," said Akio Iyoku (who is also editor-in-chief of V-Jump magazine). "[Broly] has these tremendous muscles and gives Goku a tough fight, that's why he's so popular."

The truth is that, although character marketing (many, many collectibles) helped in its time and continues to do so, we do not feel that our Western perception of force is as two-dimensional as described by the Japanese executive.

In fact, remember that Broly's motivations for fighting and becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan were somewhat disappointing at the time.

Who's this guy?

He is an exclusive character in the films of the anime series DBZ. He is a pure-bred Saiyajin, and is the Legendary Super Saiyan that arose every 1000 years. He appears in three movies. His power at birth was 10,000 units, higher than most adult Saiyans, even upper class. Also, his powers increased through certain disorders produced by the cries of Kakarotto.

Given his status as a Saiyan warrior, his ability to become Super Saiyan, and, ultimately, his immense power, Broly is one of the characters most beloved by Dragon Ball fans. Of course, it is very striking to meet a warrior capable of becoming a Super Saiyan and not be part of the squad of Goku's friends.

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In fact, he is the only Super Saiyan we have ever known (apart from Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks). So, would you like to see Broly again in "Dragon Ball"?