Who is Bardock and why is he important?

  • Bardock manages to become a Saiyan at an earlier age than Goku and Vegeta (about 28 Earth years).
  • It is a character created by Toei Animation, and Akira Toriyama directly participated in his design and details.
  • Bardock and Geneva (mother of Goku) really loved and cared for others, something very unusual in the race of the Saiyans who only sought the rapid reproduction of the race.
  • The episode "Bardock: The Father of Goku" shows Bardock capable of maintaining sanity in the state of ozaru.
  • Gine was part of Bardock's squad, one day Gine was at the point of death but was saved by Bardock, which began their love story. But Geneva decided to criticize it because Bardock's personality was very tender and caring.
  • There is no logical explanation for his trip back in time. The most accepted theory by the followers is that the energy released by Freeza was so powerful that it created a worm hole, which fortunately for Bardock was absorbed by taking him into the past.

To talk of Bardock, is to speak of a never-ending legend

In Dragon Ball Super it is very clear that Bardock is a Saiyan of legendary status, and even considered the strongest by some creators on the alternate movies. The last thing that may surprise many viewers is that Bardock was a specialist involved with the murder of thousands of people without the assistance of his squad.


Goku as Bardock's child may be responsible for carrying the family tradition to the limit, and overcoming some supreme deities for the saga of the return of the android 17 could happen according to sources. This would cause some surprise if it's indicated that some characters who do not appear in the new series of the anime reappear. This could be an alternative to carrying a universal tournament of survival, in which there will be some characters that may not be saved.

Now we just have to wait if some day we will be able to see an event in the series in which can will meet their grandchildren Gohan and Goten, to remove the speculation that exists at present.