The gods inside the universe of "Dragon Ball" have always been an interesting topic of discussion to contemplate and ponder. On the one hand, we think that they have been used by Akira Toriyama "to turn the most interesting things." Once, in an interview, Akira Toriyama said that when he was drafting new story ideas, the idea of angels and gods of destruction appealed to him.

The gods of the destruction

His rule continued from Majin Buu's saga and with the incorporation of the prominent figures of the series; the Kaioshins.


Though clear, to them, it would be necessary to add his counterpart, the gods of the destruction. Both destructive gods and creative gods form a part of something that has given the series storylines to work with in the past. Nevertheless, with the appearance of new prominent figures and of gods, the structure has spun out of control a bit.

The angels' assistant

In the hierarchic structure of the gods we find that (from the saga of Trunks) there appears to be a new status of the angels. They serve the gods of destruction and they help them to realize the task, being teachers and assistants from the beginning.

Even (per the series) when to destructive god is replaced the angel must continue being the assistant of the following one. But, on the contrary, when a destructive god dies the angel remains inactivate until a new one comes.

Great Priest

On the other hand, the episode 67 of the series revealed that the Great Priest is Daishinkan sama. Nevertheless, we understand that this is given a form that was different from what we understand. In the universe of "Dragon Ball" the emergence of some races are slightly conventional if we compare them with humans.


For example, the Namek are born of the "Great Patriarch," The KaioShins of a "Great sacred tree, " and apparently, the angels assistants and teachers of the destructive gods are born of the Great Priest.

We clarify that this is a hypothesis, and, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the upcoming saga, featuring the tournament of the 12 universes.