What we’ve been explaining in our previous notes has been leaked. Gohan will have his mini saga, and it will last at least 2 episodes. These will be episodes 73 and 74, both to be released on January 8th, and the 15th, respectively. Let’s see what the synopsis of episode 74 has for us:

Synopsis of episode 74

Title: For his beloved ones! The indomitable Great Sayaman!

Synopsis: The criminal Watagash unleashes chaos on Earth!

Gohan discovers that Earth is under attack by the mind parasite Watagash, who affects the dark side of his victim’s heart, giving them inhuman powers.


While all of this happens, Barry Kahn, who despises Gohan, tries to catch the criminal with a trap, but fails and ends up infected by Watagash

This week, Pan is kidnapped by this new enemy, but despite Gohan’s worries on her behalf, she seems to be alright.

It looks like this Gohan mini saga will show us his return to action, first in a movie, and then in the seeking of a villain who escaped the Elite Patroller Jaco’s custody. It seems that this new villain has a way of infecting his target’s mind, and becoming viral, turning them into creatures with unnatural powers.

Now the actor Barry Kahn, who was replaced by Gohan in the movie and now hates him, will try to stop the villain, but without any success, ending up infected like everyone else. This brings to mind "Dragon Ball GT," and the Baby’s saga (one of the best villains of that season) who arrived on Earth to infect each living being by housing himself in their hatred. Now this new enemy of episode 74 does the same thing, hiding in the dark side of the minds of his victims. These similarities between episode 74 and Baby’s saga are hardly surprising, since we all know that both this fill-up saga and GT where fully produced by Toei Animation.


What we still don’t know is how many more episodes (maybe 2) are left until the new official content is released. We also are unaware of what these episodes will be about. In the meantime, we await the arrival of this new content.