Inside the universe of this series, the Gods have always been a topic of discussion. On one hand we’ve realized that Akira Toriyama has used them to “make things more interesting." Once in an interview, the creator of the series said that the day he feels that the series is in need of an interesting turn of events, he would us the Gods as the tool to do so. And this has been so since the Majin Buu saga, with the introduction of one of the most enigmatic and mysterious characters of the series, the Supreme Kai's.


Of course, as they came along in the series, the idea of adding a counterpart to them became more and more like a need, and this is how the Gods of destruction were born. Now both Gods of creation and Gods of destruction have become one of the best things the series has given us so far.

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Nevertheless, with the apparition of new characters and deity ranks, things have gotten a bit out of control. Now the fans begin to wonder who is who. Since the Future Trunks saga, we’ve found that inside the Gods hierarchy there is a new rank -- the Angels rank.

These beings seem to fulfill the function of accompanying the Gods of destruction, helping them with their tasks as both masters and assistants from the very beginning. According to the series, even when a God of destruction is replaced, the same Angel must continue with his role of master and assistant to the new God of destruction. But on the contrary, when a God of destruction dies, the Angel will remain inactive until a new God of destruction is designated. How are these choices made? This question has yet to be answered, but we assume that this decision rests on the shoulders of the God of all things, Zeno.

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According to the episode 67 of the series, it has been revealed to us that the High Priest is none other than Whis and Vados’ father (this has also been confirmed by the most diligent translations), and that both Angels are twins. Yet we understand that this relationship between father and sons is slightly different to what we understand as a relationship between father and son. In the universe of "Dragon Ball," the breeding of certain races is unconventional. As an example, namekians are born from the Guru, and the Supreme Kai's from the Great Sacred Tree, and apparently the Angels are born from the High Priest.

With this information we assume that the other 10 Angels from the other universes are also sons of the High Priests. We must also remark that the Angels are born in twins, since each universe has its twin brother, so we can conclude that in total there are 6 pairs of twin Angel brothers.


This is just a theory and there is no official information whatsoever regarding this subject, apart from what we’ve already seen in the anime.