The past Future Trunks’s saga was one of the most thrilling ones of the whole series. In general lines, it was a story in which we were able to see great and complex characters such as Black Goku and Zamasu in an entertaining and variable story.

Still, we consider that Toei Animation could have done better certain things, such as Vegitto’s appearance (we are still waiting to see if this happens the same way in the manga), or the way in which Trunks destroyed Zamasu’s body. But most importantly, the way the saga ended, in which Whis gave the explanation about Trunks and Mai’s future wasn’t clear at all.


Let’s analyze it…

Whis had a plan to make Mai and Trunks return to a version of the timeline where they lived until the moment in which Zeno destroyed the Universe. This created a new alternate timeline, something that Beerus didn’t approve, but Whis didn’t hesitate in remembering the God of destruction that he himself created a new timeline when he destroyed Zamasu. Back to the topic, this new timeline is one in which Beerus and the Supreme Kai are alive. This means that Trunks and Mai traveled to the future a few months before the death of both deities.

Let’s recall that the Supreme Kai died fighting against Darbura, and as a consequence, Beerus died as well. Now, in this new timeline Zamasu will eventually show up, but Whis has something prepared for him. It seems that the Angel gave Trunks something to seal the villain, just like the Ma-fuu-ba, but much better than the container #Goku meant to use (this we know because in the anime Whis said so) This way a new timeline was created in which Zamasu didn’t manage to kill anyone.

To conclude

To conclude, both Mai and Trunks were warned that there will be two versions of them both, something that didn’t seem to be a problem to them.

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Could it be that given the situation in which Trunks needs to travel back through time to ask for help, he does so with his twin? It would be very odd to see them both, and kid Trunks in the same timeline.

Anyway, we hope that our explanation was good enough to clear any doubts about what happened with Zamasu in the last saga since some translations weren’t accurate enough to do so.