'While finishing the last filler episodes of the series to start the next multiverse tournament, new interesting details related to this important event are still coming to light. From the beginning, it has been rumored -- the return of one of the most powerful and beloved warriors of all Dragon Ball: Gohan, who has been announced as one of the main participants. Recently, it was announced that this important warrior would return to battle in a mystical state. However, a few hours ago a Japanese magazine filtered new information, in which it has been confirmed that this mystical warrior will have a new powerful transformation that surpasses the fighting power of all the participants of this tournament. Next, we share with you the latest details related to the new transformation of this powerful warrior and the upcoming tournament. Let's see.


The plot

For now, we are waiting for what will happen on February 5th -- the start of the tournament of the 12 universes, a meeting where two characters will participate that we have not seen in a fight for a while. One of them is the Android 17, and the other character is Gohan. We are reminded that the son of Goku managed to overcome all Z Warriors. Ultimately, many longtime fans of this series have been waiting a long time to see Gohan return to the action and return to the fight, so it will be a great thing to see this beloved character enter the upcoming tournament of the 12 universes.

What is the new transformation of Gohan?

According to new information recently filtered by a Japanese magazine close to Bandai, apart from the mystical state, Gohan will undergo a new transformation. This is Gohan Super Saiyan Blue. As we know, the warrior has never before experienced this new phase, however, it is great news to know that the role played by this powerful warrior, will leave the other competitors in the tournament surprised. Is Gohan the protagonist of this new plot of Akira Toriyama? Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming arc, with some leaked information about this saga.


Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.