In the series of "#Dragon Ball Super," you can see a new rumor about the arrival of the character Gogeta, whose suit is identical to Gotenks when arriving at the blue god phase. But this was only for an anime special that was made in the country of Japan to celebrate the 50 years of the series.

Curiosities of the fusion of Goku and Vegeta denominated Gogeta

The fusion of Gogeta is the most powerful form is given by Goku and Vegeta, when they decide to do the dance of fusion to be able to gather their bodies and create a character to kill some more powerful villain. When using the fusion, Gogeta manage to unite his body but not his voice, causing Goku and Vegeta to speak at the same time.

That is why one hears how a devil speaks. But it is a mistake of the creators as this is arranged for different alternative films.

Additional Gogeta Facts.

More than 28 years ago, Gogeta was considered the only fusion in the "Saiyajins with the highest level of fight and that only appears for the anime." He was "not the magazine of the manga," which is launched by the company V-Jump. In some designs created by Toyotaro, it is made clear that the features of the left face are Goku, while the right side is the Saiyajin Vegeta. In the V-Jump magazine between 2003 and 2005, Gogeta was considered the most powerful in the entire universe, surpassing everyone until the fusion of Vegetto in the blue god phase. For some reason the character Gogeta is the one who can win any fight against the god of destruction Bills-Sama.

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Even More Gogeta Facts!

  • The interesting thing about Gogeta's merger is that it can be used for a limited time and can bury any villain with an evil heart.
  • In the new saga of the universal survival tournament, we hope to see the fusion of Gogeta in the blue god phase.
  • In the Dragon Ball Heroes card game, the Gogeta character is the strongest, surpassing the universal gods of destruction.
  • Gogeta will be part of a new film that will be released in the year 2020.

The fusion of Gogeta would have been a great sensation in the saga of the return of Trunks, but the creators did not arrive in this way. The only way to know for sure is to wait for the new history of the sleeve to know the new level of fight that this fusion has to see if it can truly overcome the gods of destruction, which, according to history, are still the most powerful in the 12 universes and planet Earth. #Animation #Dragon Ball Super