Lately, rumors have been swirling that WWE has been trying to sign top independent UK talent so that they can't perform for the WWE's UK rival promotions. These rumors have much more weight and truth to them after WWE announced on their app that they will be holding a championship tournament on the WWE Network in order to crown the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion this January.

Yet another proactive innovation by Triple H

Triple H has been the spearhead of this recent movement to get all of the top independent talent around the world to wave the WWE flag. In the eras where he was an active competitor and not an executive, Vince McMahon had a very specific type of wrestler that he wanted to perform on the big show.

The large, muscled, and stiff performers that were in WWE during the ruthless aggression era embody the preferences of Mr. McMahon perfectly. That being said, Triple H has always been more of a wrestler who got promoted than a business grad who wrestled to get his foot in the office door. Because of this, Triple H has looked past wrestler's physiques and gone after the workers who would have the best chance to succeed in the in-ring and entertainment environments of the world's top Wrestling promotion.

Vince McMahon expands his territory once again

It is no secret that WWE is the global brand that it is today because Vince McMahon wipes out all of his competition the moment that they begin to become a threat.

Whether it was buying out WCW and ECW or swallowing up the regional territories back in the day, Vince McMahon knew that pro wrestling was a huge moneymaker and that he wanted all of that money to be controlled by his promotion. The announcement of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament is yet another example of how McMahon and his strategic insight can shut down a rival before they can even set up a power play.

According to an article from WrestlingInc, the contracts that the UK talent are reportedly signing don't even have them performing on WWE NXT or the main roster - they are essentially just to keep the UK stars away from certain promotions. Either way, WWE is setting themselves up with even more depth for the future, and this tournament sounds like WWE's 2017 will be starting off with a huge bang.

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